Questions from the heart

I feel so alone in my experience with pregnancy loss and infertility. Is this something you understand?

Absolutely. I have been where you are and understand the devastating pain of pregnancy loss, secondary infertility, and the emotional rollercoaster of IVF. You are not alone, and you don’t have to suffer in silence. I’m here to walk this path with you.

How can I move past the pain and grief I'm experiencing?

Healing is a journey that requires strength and courage. Together, we’ll work towards moving from a place of profound pain, guilt, and isolation to acceptance, peace, and healing. It’s a process, but one step at a time, we can move towards the life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Can I really find hope after multiple failed fertility treatments?

Yes, hope is always there. Despite my own failed rounds of IVF and fertility challenges, I conceived naturally over the age of 35. I believe in your strength and worthiness, and I’m here to support you in keeping hope alive..

What makes your support different from traditional therapy?

Traditional therapy often stops at initial emotions, thought patterns, and beliefs. As a TTC after loss Coach and certified health and wellness coach specializing in pregnancy, I offer a holistic approach that addresses the emotional complexities of pregnancy loss and infertility, providing you with the resources to understand how grief affects your body and fertility, and guiding you to take control of your fertility journey.

How do you help women on this journey?

I provide compassionate support and expert guidance based on firsthand experience. My goal is to empower you to find healing and hope and to discover a path forward in realizing your dream of motherhood. I offer emotional support and practical resources to process your grief, and I encourage you to believe in your strength and trust in your resilience.

Is it still possible for me to achieve motherhood?

It is possible. Every journey is unique, and while I can’t promise specific outcomes, I can promise to be by your side, offering support and sharing the knowledge that has helped me and many others. Your dreams are valid, and I am committed to helping you pursue them.